About Hodson's Software, LLC

I'm an old programmer that's been writing code since 1969. I think I've been a geek long before geeks were cool. I used to have a pocket protector, bought one of the first Pilot PDA's so I could program it, etc., etc. I'm pretty sure I invented the 48 hour day with coffee, cigarettes, and pizza at a keyboard until my forehead ended up imprinted with qwerty.

I've literally written millions of lines of code for the 'other guy', so I decided I'd give it a shot and see what I can do for myself. Hodson's Software, LLC has been around for a bit and has settled into Android Application development, html/php/mysql/sqlite website development, and every once and awhile, a Windows C++ project.

So far, I'm having fun, making a little money, and keeping out of trouble.

Check out my apps at Amazon or the new Google Play Store. If you need a database designed and the website to support it, drop me a line.

Howard Hodson,
Hodson's Software, LLC
Houston, Texas